Property: Cache Zone, Deister Germany (English)

Name, Type:Cache Zone, Deister Germany (English), Other
Description:We act as an agent for various accomodation options: private, B&B and Hotels in the Deister area near Hannover. Contact us with your requirements - how many persons from when to when - and we will send you some options.
Internet Access:Yes, free for guests
Booking Page:Book now
Contact:I&O Pfeiffer aka TravelingViking (at) gmail (dot) com
Address:Bahnhofstra├če 17
Barsinghausen, Niedersachsen 30890
Coordinates:N 52° 18.23' E 9° 27.97'
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GPS Rental:Yes, free for guests
Description:We operate a Geocaching shop here in Barsinghausen. The Deister (a small mountain range) offers some great Geocaching opportunities including the 1. Geocaching Proving Trail. Pick up your free Proving Trail award Geocoin after participating in the trail (see web page for details).
Links:1. Geocaching Proving Trail
Small Deister tour starting at Fuchsbachtal
Medium Deister tour starting at station Barsinghausen
Arrival via airport
Shuttle service:Yes, with extra fee
Travel time by bus/train:45min
Arrival via train station
Shuttle service:Yes, free for guests
Travel time by bus:0min